A Guide to Choose the Right Pump for Your Paper and Pulp Industry Application

The paper and pulp industry has stringent and unique requirements for pumps. Durability and reliability are two important concerns for paper mill owners while choosing pumps. There are several manufacturers specializing in pumps for the paper and pulp industry; however, not all may serve your purpose. This post offers tips on selecting the right pump for the paper and pulp industry.

Right Pump for the Paper and Pulp Industry

How to Choose the Right Pump for the Paper and Pulp Industry

Several pump types are available, but what is the right pump for your application? Addressing a few basic things as described below will be helpful if you are considering the pump for your application.

  1. Type of Fluid Pumped: Various chemicals are used at different paper and pulp processing stages. So, the pump must be able to withstand them. Firstly, you need to address the type of fluid to be pumped. It means whether the pump will be handling solids, slurries, or fluids.
  2. Operating Environment of the Pump: It is quite common to see submerged pumps and pumps installed outdoor in paper facilities. Do you want a pump that can withstand extreme temperatures? Or do you prefer a pump for submerging application? The answers may vary depending on the operating environment. Ensure, the pump chosen meets the requirement of the working environment and offers you non-stop performance.
  3. Maintenance Capabilities: Like most other industrial equipment, the pumps require regular maintenance. Some pumps can operate with minimal maintenance; however, others may require regular maintenance and replacements. Thus, you need to address your maintenance capabilities during the selection.
  4. Porting and Sizing Requirements: The pumps that you choose must meet a specific flow rate requirement. Next, you must address the pump’s connection type and port size.

Once you address these factors, you need to understand different types of pumps for the paper and pulp industry and their specific contributions. The following section discusses the same and more.

Popular Types of Pumps for the Paper and Pulp Industry

The following are the popular pumps used in the pulp and paper industry.

  • Centrifugal Pumps: They are used for pumping low viscosity solvents in the paper and pulp industry. Centrifugal pumps move the fluid using impellers, and assure high pressure and high velocity of fluids. The modular design of these pumps enables customization.
  • Rotary Lobe Pumps: They are positive displacement pumps, which work as stand-alone equipment. Rotary lobe pumps can be used to pump chemicals of high and low viscosity and offer high tolerance to dry running.
  • Chemical Process Pumps: These pumps with back pull-out designs and possess modular designs. Chemical process pumps can be adjusted to the maximum speed of 360 rpm and withstand temperatures as high as 350 degrees Celsius.
  • Fan Pumps: These pumps impel slurries towards the paper machine’s headbox.

Fan pumps are equipped with double-suction, radial staggered vane impeller, and assure high reliability and vibration-free service.

  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps: Vacuum dehydration is important in paper and pulp processing. The liquid ring vacuum pumps are the best fit for the task. While choosing the pump, ensure its efficiency in meeting the requirements of your production line.
  • Slurry Pumps: These pumps are used for pumping slurries involving solid particles. Slurry pumps are more durable and reliable than other pumps on the list, and transport highly concentrated and abrasive slurries. The construction and modular designs of these pumps make them the most reliable.

Now that you have gained an understanding of different aspects of pump selection for the paper and pulp industry, let’s assume that you are ready to make a selection. If that sounds yes, you must consider sourcing them from trusted suppliers. There are several suppliers offering new, used, and surplus pumps for the paper and pulp industry, and Peak Machinery is the most popular among them. We offer one of the largest inventories of used and surplus pumps and pump accessories from leading brands like Ahlstrom, Goulds, Nash, Worthington. You can choose centrifugal, diaphragm, high pressure, hydraulic, positive displacement, and more pump types.  Browse through our inventory to find the right pump for your application. For more information on any specific pump type or application, feel free to call us at (612) 810-1955. We would be happy to serve you.

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