Efficiency & Endurance – A Guide on Goulds Pumps Used in Paper Manufacturing

The paper and pulp industry is one of the most economically efficient industries globally and uses various equipment at different stages of the paper and pulp manufacturing process. Among these, pumps are the popular equipment used to ensure a smooth flow of liquids across different stages of production in the paper and pulp industry. Having said that, only a few pumps can withstand the rigors of this industry and Goulds pumps stand tall among them. With its reputation for quality and durability, these pumps have become the preferred choice for buyers in the paper and pulp industry. This post offers a comprehensive guide on the popular Goulds pumps utilized in the paper and pulp sector.

Enhancing Durability and Productivity with Goulds Pumps

Get ready to be introduced to the line of Goulds Pumps for the Paper and Pulp Industry

The paper and pulp industry has specific requirements regarding materials, choice of equipment, environmental concerns, and so on. Goulds pumps are tailored to meet the stringent requirements of this industry. The following are a few popular models used in this industry.

  • Goulds 3180 Pump: This is a heavy-duty process pump designed to withstand the rigors of the paper and pulp industry. Built to ANSI standards, the design of heavy-duty 3180 Goulds pumps has been perfected over 140 years of research.

Gould Pump Model 3180


  • TaperBore Seal Chamber: These pumps use a TaperBore seal chamber that seals lubrication as well as facilitate quick heat removal from the seal faces. Both these factors contribute to improved seal life and extended pump uptime.
  • Maximum Hydraulic Coverage: The pumps are designed for 50/60 Hz performance.
  • Interchangeability: Impellers and power ends of these pumps can be easily exchanged with Goulds 3185 or 3181. This makes their maintenance relatively easy.
  • Optimum Mechanical Reliability: The pumps have an open impeller design contributing to minimum axial and radial thrust loads on the pump. This ensures optimum mechanical reliability.
  • International Design: Heavy duty 3180 Goulds pumps feature metric fittings and fasteners, which contributes to their international design.
  • Goulds 3196 Pump:Introduced in 1961, this pump has set the highest standards in terms of performance and reliability. The design of this pump has been perfected over 160 years of research, customer interaction, and continuous improvement.

Gould Pump Model 3196


  • Fully Open Impeller: This feature is considered the best for the chemical process industry. It is ideally suited for abrasives, corrosives, and handles solid and stringy fibers with ease. Fully open impeller designs also allow for simple restoration of clearances in instances of wear and tear.
  • i-FRAME Power Ends: This patented feature helps improve reliability as well as Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rates. Severe duty bearings fitted to the power ends help increase the bearing life by 2-5 times, and the onboard condition monitor offers a visible indication of the pump health. The power ends are covered by a 5-year standard warranty.
  • Engineered Seal Chambers: The Goulds 3196 pumps feature Taperbore TM and BigBore TM seal chambers, which allow the seals to run cooler with face lubrication. These seal chambers also help keep contaminants, vapors, and air away from the seal faces for extended periods of time.
  • Pump Mounting System: The Goulds 3196 pumps feature rigid baseplates that prevent distortion as well as help maintain motor/pump alignment, and improve their corrosion resistance. Rigid baseplates are also known to reduce vibrations and pump loads.
  • Goulds 3316 Pump:These are two-stage, horizontally split case pumps designed for applications that require moderately high heads and need to be operated across a wide range of service conditions.

Gould Pump Model 3316


  • Casing: The Goulds 3316 pumps are marked by their user-friendly casing, which can be easily removed for maintenance and inspection. Removing upper half of the casing permits easy inspection and maintenance, and removal of rotating element, without disturbing the pump-to-motor or piping alignment.
  • Wear Rings: These rings can be easily replaced whenever required. They protect the casing from wear and tear.
  • Maximum Interchangeability: Several parts of the pumps can be interchanged with other Goulds pumps and this helps reduce the inventory requirements of users.
  • Duplex Thrust Bearings: These provide the highest thrust capabilities.
  • Materials of Construction: The Goulds 3316 pumps can be availed in all bronze or iron-fitted constructions. Most sizes are available in stainless steel and steel.
  • Goulds 3405 Pump: These are double-suction centrifugal pumps designed to withstand the application challenges of the paper and pulp industry. These pumps share many properties with the Goulds 3400 series.

Gould Pump Model 3405


  • Renewable Casing Wear Rings: The Goulds 3405 pumps feature renewable casing wear rings that help eliminate any casing wear and tear, and permit easy maintenance of proper running clearances for maximum efficient operation.
  • Heavy Duty Shafts: These components are designed for minimum deflection during challenging applications. Also, these mean excellent bearing life and shaft seal. Renewable shaft seals are offered in various materials.
  • Double Suction Impellers: They minimize axial thrust for long bearing life. Their fully machined exterior surfaces and polished waterways ensure highly efficient performance.
  • Goulds 3409 Pump: These are medium capacity, single stage, and double suction pumps used in the paper and pulp industry to pump primary and secondary cleaners, filtrates, water, and so on. They can also be used as fan pumps and for shower or headbox supplies.

Gould Pump Model 3409


  • Horizontally Split Casing: The Goulds 3409 pumps feature horizontally split casing with in-line suction and discharge nozzles in the lower half casing. This allows for the ease of maintenance and inspection.
  • Double Suction Impellers: They assure hydraulic axial balance for low thrust bearing loads, which contributes to low maintenance and long pump life.
  • Wear Rings: The pumps feature easily replaceable wear rings that makes it easier to renew running clearances, minimize wearing wear, and protect against impeller. All these in turn help reduce the overall cost of operation.
  • Sealing Flexibility: The Goulds 3409 pumps are available in a choice of packing and a wide range of seals.
  • Installation Versatility and Material Flexibility: The pumps can be horizontally and vertically mounted for clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. The pumps can be customized in various materials from cast iron to stainless steel depending on your application requirements.
  • Goulds 3410 Pump: These small-capacity double suction pumps are used in the paper and pulp industry in various capacities. They are used for pumping primary and secondary cleaners, filtrates, water, and fan pumps.

Gould Pump Model 3410


  • Double Suction/Dual Volute: This design assures axial and radial balance for low maintenance and long-term performance.
  • Horizontally Split Casing: There are discharge and suction nozzles in the lower half case for easy maintenance and inspection.
  • Sealing Flexibility: The pumps can be availed in a wide range of packing and mechanical seals.
  • Wear Rings: The pumps are equipped with easily replaceable wear rings that protect them against casing wear.
  • Maximum Parts Interchangeability: The parts of these pumps can be easily interchanged with other Goulds models, which helps users save on inventory storage and assures ease of maintenance.
  • Goulds 3420 Pump: These are large capacity, single stage, and double suction pumps that are designed for pumping primary and secondary cleaners, filtrates, water, and so on. The Goulds 3420 pumps are also used as fan, headbox supply and shower pumps in the paper and pulp processing facilities.

Gould Pump Model 3420


  • Horizontally Split Casing: The casings on these pumps are horizontally split where studs, nuts, and capscrews hold together the lower and upper halves. There are suction, discharge, and drain connections in the lower half, which can be easily removed for inspection and maintenance.
  • Double Suction/Dual Volute: This design assures axial and radial balance for low maintenance and long-term performance.
  • Impellers: The Goulds 3420 pumps feature an enclosed and double-suction design, which assures axial hydraulic balance. They feature fully machined exterior surfaces, and receive one-or-two plane spin balance.
  • Wear Rings: The pumps are equipped with impeller and casing wear rings that help maintain proper running clearances and minimize the leaks between the discharge and suction chambers in the casing.
  • Goulds 3500 Pump: These are medium consistency pumps with improved pumping efficiencies.

Gould Pump Model 3500


  • X-DucerTM: This design helps boost the operation by 10%-11% without using a vacuum pump. Also, there are improved TDH capabilities for new operating conditions due to this design.
  • Expanded Coverage: The Goulds 3500 pumps are now available in larger sizes to handle production rates up to 2000 ADStpd (2200 ADMtpd) and heads up to 198 m (650 feet).
  • Low Suction Head Requirements: The X-Ducer TM design of the pump allows for low standpipe elevations and high operating temperatures.

Why Goulds Pumps Are Preferred in the Paper and Pulp Industry
Goulds pumps are preferred in the paper and pulp industry for various reasons. The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  • Customizability:These pumps can be easily customized to meet specific application requirements in the paper and pulp industry.
  • Energy Efficiency:Goulds pumps are designed for energy efficiency and consume less energy during operations.
  • Reliability:Perfected over several years of research, these pumps help users reduce costly downtimes through their robust construction, smart monitoring features, and so on. Hence, you can be assured of their lasting performance.
  • Continuous Innovation:Goulds invests in R&D, ensuring their leadership in the pump technology. This commitment to innovation ensures users get the best in terms of pumping technology.

If you are already using these pumps, yet considering a backup, then good quality used and surplus Goulds pumps will make the best investment. Sometimes, these pumps offer several benefits over new ones. For instance, they are available at fractional prices than the new ones and allow you to cut down your wait times. Also, used and surplus pumps enable you to source spare parts for obsolete models if you are using any. If you have already decided on used and surplus Goulds pumps, you can contact Peak Machinery. We have consistently delivered all the pumps discussed here to our clients in the pulp and paper industry for many years. For additional information, you can contact us at Peak Machinery via (612) 810-1955 or email sales@peakmachinery.com to learn more about process pumps and other equipment we offer.

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