Why Goulds Model 3196 Centrifugal Pumps Have Become the Standard in the Pulp & Paper and Chemical Process Industries?

Process pumps are considered a big investment across industries. Many process outcomes entirely depend on the performance of these pumps, thus, they must be chosen wisely. Goulds Model 3196 Centrifugal Pumps are one of those process pumps that have gained immense popularity owing to their high-performance features. They are used in chemical, pulp and paper, petrochemical, food and beverage, and primary metal industries for different pumping applications. What makes these pumps popular? Why they have become the standard in the chemical process and pulp and paper industry? This post offers insights on four prominent features of Goulds Model 3196 Centrifugal Pumps that have contributed to their popularity.


4 Reasons for Popularity of Goulds Model 3196 Centrifugal Pumps

According to the Goulds website, the number of pump installations attests to its performance. The following design features have contributed to its high performance.

  1. Fully Open Impeller: This design enables it to handle abrasives, stringy fibers, and abrasives with ease. A fully open impeller design enables easy restoration of clearances when wear occurs. This open impeller design also allows to re-set the performance of the pump onsite or at the bench using an external impeller adjustment. This helps assure the high performance of the pump at all times.
  2. Engineered Seal Chambers: Shaft seal failure is one of the most common causes of pump failure. These failures are brought by unfavorable seal environments such as seals operated in high temperatures, poor seal surface lubrication, improper cooling, and so on. Goulds engineered seal chambers provide the best sealing environment. They ensure excellent heat dissipation and lubrication that helps improve the seal life and uptime of pumps.
  3. i-FRAMEĀ® Power Ends: This patented feature helps increase the mean time between failures (MTBF). The i-ALERT condition monitor unit offers a visual indication of pump health. INPRO VBXX-D assures excellent bearing lubrication, thereby reducing the chances of bearing failures. i-FRAMEĀ® Power Ends are backed with a five-year warranty.
  4. Pump Mounting Systems: The pump mounting systems are important for reliability. The pumps are provided with rigid baseplates, which helps prevent distortion and maintains the alignment of the motor and pump in different scenarios. These base plates can withstand heavy pipe weights.

The features of Goulds Model 3196 meet ANSI/ASME standards, which assure their performance in various challenging environments. To take advantage of these features, you need to source these chemical process pumps from trusted suppliers like Peak Machinery. We provide used and unused Goulds Model 3196 Centrifugal Pumps. The Goulds Model 3196 has been introduced in several versions over the years. 3196 i-Frame, 3196 STi, 3196 MTi, 3196 XLTi, 3196 STX, 3196 MTX, and 3196 XLT-X are a few popular models available with Peak Machinery. Many of these models are used in paper mills for pumping different types of fluids. Peak Machinery has been serving its clients from paper and pulp and other process industries for several years now. So, we perfectly understand our client requirements. Feel free to contact our experts at Peak Machinery via phone (612) 810-1955 or email (sales@peakmachinery.com) to choose the right pump for your process application.

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