Goulds pump model 3175 size 10×12-18

Goulds pump model 3175 size 10×12-18

Product ID: PT5091

  • Manufacture: Goulds
  • Model: 3175
  • Size: 10×12-18
  • Material: 316 Stainless

Standard Model 3175 pumps can be fitted with a repeller between the stuffing box and impeller. At startup, the repeller functions like an impeller and pumps liquid from the stuffing box. When the pump is shut down, a conventional static seal prevents pumpage from leaking.

The 3175 is easily field converted to Dynamic Seal. Goulds retrofit kit includes repeller, stuffing box cover, repeller plate, shaft sleeve and choice of static sealing arrangement.

Goulds 3175 size 10x12x18 stock pump

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