Andritz Ahlstrom MDR2000H Hot Disperger Kneader 34″

Andritz Ahlstrom MDR2000H Hot Disperger Kneader 34″

Product ID: PM10840

The mechanical agitating device used in the practice of step (c) is, for example, a dispersing device, such as an MDR® disperser as sold by Ahlstrom Machinery, or a deflaking device, such as a deflaker-type pump, or any similar device which agitates the slurry to disrupt fiber flocs and reduce contaminant size and improve contaminant distribution.
Also, to provide a treated fibrous material for subsequent processing, it may be beneficial for the fiber separator 12 to include other equipment such as a fiber classifier, a dispersion system, and a kneading system. Examples of dispersion systems include: Krima (available from Cellwood, Corner and FMW), Diskperser (available from GL&V), Micar Processor, Diva (based on Conflo+HiPreheater fluffer/steam mixer. available from Metso Paper/Fiber); Frotapulper (available from MoDoMekan), Triturator/Kneading Disperser (available from Thermo Black Clawson, Lamort); Disperger (available from Voith Paper). Examples of kneading systems include: MDR Kneader (available from Andritz-Ahlstrom), Ultra Twin-Flyte (available from Thermo Black Clawson), Kneading-Disperger (available from Voith Paper).
885 kneading zone is long compared to disk dispersion and can be effective in imparting curl or entanglement. One example of a kneader is the Voith Sulzer KD-500 kneading disperger (so termed in the above-referenced article of Hostetter – kneading can be considered as one form of disperging for the purposes of the present invention). The Ahlstrom MDR® Kneader can also be used.

Andritz Ahlstrom 34″ Hot Disperger Kneader with 1500hp motor

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